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Sunday, November 23, 2014

What is Dance Music?

I've have been pro House Music since I first moved back to Chicago. How could I not be pro House when I was a Disco head when it was OK to like Disco. This is the crazy thing: The categorization of all things Dance. It's Dance Music, for goodness sakes! If you want to dance when you hear it then it is Dance music. I bring this up because I was on Facebook and one of my associates shared a video of a dancing monkey which made the statement,"We all know somebody who dances like this."  The problem I had with it was the additional statement by the guy that shared the video which was "EDM IS LIKE PUNISHMENT."   

I guess my question is why is there such hatred for EDM from the "Traditional" House Community? Is it because they don't think it's legitimate music? I think it's a combination of things but mostly I think that the traditional House guys are mad that EDM makes all this money and gets all this attention. Do they even know what EDM is? Sometimes i think they just throw a blanket statement over anything that is not traditional Dance and call it EDM. Did you know that, by definition, Acid House is EDM? Half the stuff you guys are spinning today is, by definition, is EDM. (EDM is Electronic Dance Music) Here is my statement to the producers on the issue: IF YOU ARE NOT PLAYING INSTRUMENTS IN A BAND AND RECORDING IT IN A STUDIO THEN YOU ARE EDM, TOO!

Cut out all that hate and get on with the music.

P.S.   The funny thing is some of the EDM producers are starting to produce and play "Deep House" at their EDM shows with the statement that they "love House Music."

P.P.S.  There was a similar hatred shown for Disco from the Rock community saying that Disco wasn't real music which resulted in the "Disco Demolition Day" at Comiskey Park in 1979.  Some say that the event led to the birth of House Music because Disco people had to go underground.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

False alarms, alarming responses and delayed response time

The last time I posted an update it was about a young kid that was using my name.  I got a couple of rabid responses from what I thought was his relatives but I found out from his actual father that those guys were just well wishers.  The kid's dad is a good dude and he and I communicated without incident so I was satisfied that there was no malicious intent although to two people that responded first need to be on medication (they were very hostile!).   I hope the kid continues to pursue DJing as a career, especially since his dad supports him through the process.

The G.E.T.O. DJ'z Compilation
Traxman - 4 To Tha Floor
G.E.T.O. DJz present The 160 Project

In the meantime, I have been supporting three releases and two events behind the scenes for the G.E.T.O. DJ'z during what I believe to be the off season.  I have several tracks on two of those releases.   Partying in a place like Chicago can be very challenging once the weather stops cooperating.  There seems to be a mad scramble for places to spin throughout the Winter that starts as soon as the temperature drops below 40 degrees (Fahrenheit.  You know Americans are too stubborn to stop using that scale and convert to Celsius.)  and to hold up until the weather breaks in the Spring.  The crazy thing is that music drops year round and you would think that you would hear a lot of new stuff over the Winter.  The problem is the Chicago scene.  New music seemingly has to be spoon fed to the South Side House Community.  You have to introduce new stuff each party until your crowd either starts asking to hear the new songs or they just get used to hearing them.   The only other way to introduce new songs is to make mix CDs and sell them/give them away at your sets.   You may get a very few forward thinking DJs that pick up the new songs and play them but not here in Chicago.  It's crazy because it's almost like an out-of-town DJ has to bring the new music to Chicago THAT WAS PRODUCED HERE IN CHICAGO!

I think that part of the problem is the current ruling body of DJs spinning in the city only get their music from a small reservoir or sources.   That is a shame because there is a world of new, good music out there and, because these few "elite" only deal with certain sites or producers directly, the "new" music in Chicago is actually several years old by the time it hits here.  Normally I wouldn't worry too much about such a thing but, considering the fact that Dawn Penn made "No No No" in the 70's and it didn't hit for her until the 90's, I just want to make sure I'm still around once people start appreciating my music.

I recently had a couple of my DJ buddies bring me a video they made in Seattle, WA.  The young guys that were spinning at the moment played one of my songs and they were commenting on it.  The song in question was something I made nearly 20 years ago but they were playing it as if it was something new.  I hadn't released that particular song digitally so they had to have purchased the record and transferred it to a digital file on their own.  I was happy that I was getting played but I wondered if these kids knew that i had a ton of new music as well.  I hope I'm not on that 20 years cycle like Ms. Penn because I'd like to enjoy seeing other people groove off my stuff and not be some 90 year old guy in the corner of the club with people tipping me because they think I'm on my break from being the restroom attendant.

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