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Monday, November 04, 2013

Wish List

Things I'd like to see for 2014:

  1. Mel Gibson to shut the fuck up and make movies.
  2. Wesley Snipes to pay his fucking taxes and make movies.
  3. The RZA to stop making movies and make more music.
  4. More titties.
  5. More ass. 
  6. More ass and titties.
  7. More Chicago House in movie soundtracks and commercials.
  8. More Chicago Producers making those songs that end up in those movies and commercials.
  9. More clubs that feature House.
  10. More of my music played in those clubs

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stop the violence.

Chicago is a messed up city for music.  The Rap scene is full of Youtube rappers that think they will be the next Chief Keef and get a huge deal off one catchy song and fans that can't keep from shooting each other.  no one can have a party in Chicago without someone messing it up if Rap music is played.

The House music scene is clicked up and the conflict is not with the fans but the DJ's themselves.  This guy can't play with that guy because the other guy doesn't like him.  Just the other day I heard about two well established DJ's and life long friends getting into a fight at the club.  I will say that one of the DJ's in question has had his ass on his shoulders for some years now but that is not a reason for fisticuffs.  There is even a guy in the business that makes it his business to pick a fight with a DJ every other week.  I think he is starved for attention.

I just want to do music. That is all.  I don't want to worry about who said what to whom.  I want to make a nice ass track that you hear as the club and I want to hear that random girl in the crowd that squeals and says "That my jam!"  None of us are superstars and we need to remember that.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Self help

I'm starting a series of web based self-help videos and blogs. This is my first topic. Enjoy and please comment.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Track star

So the other day I was having a conversation with DJ Traxman who had recently returned from Japan while supporting his latest releases.  He was going on about how about how Dance Mania (Records) was huge in Japan and that I would be surprised by what were hits there.  At that point he mentioned an old song of mine that, by my standards, was a B-side at best.  The name of the track was "Top Shelf Booty" and it was something I rarely played.  He said it was a hit there and I was floored to say the least. Anyway, here is that track:

Monday, June 24, 2013

The attack on DJ Nate

Recently someone uploaded a video of a young DJ named DJ Nate getting beat up and robbed. In the few days it has been up it has gone viral on Facebook and is now on WorldStarHipHop.com and Youtube trending there as well. I've noticed this video being played in public where ever I go and even my niece was watching it this morning. I've also noticed a metric ton of people having something to say about it, both in Nate's favor and against him saying how"weak" he is. The truth of it is that not only was Nate attacked but he was ambushed. He knew his attacker because the guy is related to one of the artists Nate has worked with in the past.
Here's my take on the DJ Nate thing: He has no real friends and is out there alone. The guys that were filming are not his friends but are "hanger on's" that know him simply because he is a low level celebrity. Personally, I take this as an attack on the DJ culture as well as if he attacked me. This is why celebrities have to divorce themselves from "the hood" once they make it because the snakes are out there from the first dollar you made and didn't give them 50 cents of it. Those of us that know Nate know that he is not a thug in the least and would not have been able to fight off this type of attack.

DJ Nate, I don't know you personally or professionally but I support you simply because this could have been me being attacked just as it could have been any other DJ from Chicago or any other city.

I normally don't support videos showing people being attacked but this thing has gone viral and is everywhere.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bad Marketing

So I'm at the Blok Bizness Meet and Greet and Power 92 has a table set up there.  On said table is some "movie swag" (that's an industry term and not that bullshit Lil' Wayne says) including hats and shirts from recent movies.  Now mind you this is mostly a Rap event and besides the DJ's there are mostly rappers.  One of the items on the table is from the movie "Snitch" which simply said "snitch" on the hat.  Whomever thought that to be a good thing to put on a hat and give away should be fired.  No one is going to wear that hat.  Even kids in third world countries where they give away the shirts of the losing Superbowl team will not wear these caps (they print up both teams as champs so they have them ready for the outcome).

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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Adventures of a guy with no car....

So I'm on the train and I'm minding my own business. This guy gets on the train.  He's about 320 and has his S-curl pulled back into a ponytail.   You know the type.  He starts singing like he is the lost  Isley Brother.  So I'm giving him the stink eye for fucking up my calm and another guy gets on the train and starts going nuts talking to himself like a Looney Tune exploded in his head just at that very moment.  To top off my day I end up at my destination and I'm standing in line for checkout.  There is a couple behind me that apparently like the smell of my soap and want me to smell their's,  The guy is speaking VERY loudly in my ear in what I believe to be the Cantonese dialect and is very pleased with himself and the joke he just told.  I wanted to punch him in the throat for standing so closely to me but his girlfriend looked as though she may have been tough.  I had too many bags for a spontaneous Kung Fu fight.  I need a car.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Have a listen to my demo...

Sometimes I get so excited about having my labels music on Beatport.com that I forget that there are other sites hard at work pushing the HSE sound as well.  Have  a listen to the Junodownload.com music player.  We are also available on Amazon.com and you can heaar us on Spotify and Rhapsody.

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Choosing sides only works at KFC...

There is a war going on in Chicago House music.  It's not broadcast out loud but you can catch rumblings here and there.  It is a multi-front war.  It has different factions.  Let's talk about these factions.

There is the Old School versus the New School.  
There are some DJ's that have been in the game since the beginning of it.  These guys have been spinning since the early 80's and, with the exception of a few breaks here and there, have not taken any time off.   Now let me clarify something about these guys.  It's not that they are legendary but just below that status.  They were the guys I like to call "and the rest" which would be the Professors and Mary Anns.  They have always been there but are just now getting their recognition.  They still have to quote their resumes to get jobs but they have impressive references.  This group feels that in order for them to recognize you as a peer you either have to have the same time in or have to have done something like produced a well known song.  If you started your career 10 years or more later than they did they consider you new school.  That is where the rub is.  They stick together and don't feel that a new guy can understand the struggle they have endured to be the headliner after living in the shadow of legendary DJ's.  In fact they question why they are not legendary in the eyes of the fans and often tag themselves as such.  

Current DJ's versus Newcomers (Up and comers)
Current DJ's have been in the game for at least 10 to 20 years.  They may be the hot guys on the scene right now.  You can tell who they are by how much they complain about the difference of DJing on real turntables versus "Hotplates" or using MP3's and Serato/Tractor programs.  Surprisingly enough the argument used to be about Turntables versus CD turntables but the latter has been quietly accepted because the Virtual DJ programs have taken its place as the demon of the culture.  These guys want to battle all the time because they feel that the new guys have not learned the required skills to have the title of "DJ."

Female DJ's versus Everybody else
Female DJ's feel that they are not given the proper or equal respect as their male counterparts.  Often times they complain that they are not being paid an equal amount or given the same consideration.  At the same time as wanting to be equals many of them often organize all female DJ functions and advertise it as such.  This is the Catch 22 of the struggle along with the overly sensitive nature of DJing with them.  It's like DJing on eggshells.

The Skilled DJ versus the Assisted DJ
This is more extreme than the Current versus Newcomers because there is still a basic knowledge of DJ skills and functions in that struggle.  The Assisted DJ has never used any equipment that does not have a "sync" button on it.  That means that he or she cannot hold a simple blend.  Now there are levels of DJ's out there.  There is the guy that can juggle a beat and scratch his life away all night.  He is the guy that breaks your mixer and blames it on your shitty equipment.  There is the guy that keeps the dancefloor packed all night but that guy plays all the crowd favorites and if you don't go on before him your set seems tame.  Then there is the top 40 guy that fades all his stuff in and out.  He is the "request guy" that will play your requests (kind of like the wedding DJ).  The Assisted DJ tries to do blends but can't count a beat and often brings in music on the wrong count and ALWAYS uses the sync button other wise he would "trainwreck" all over the place.  Real DJ's hate this guy.

Where do I fit in this crazy thing?  Well, my first gig was in Highschool in 1984.  I've produced a few popular songs that have been played in the clubs and on the radio.  I can DJ using turntables, Pitch controlled tape decks, CDJ's, Serato, Tractor or what have you.  I'm known to a few legendary guys as well as the general public.  I guess the only group that I can't say I identify with would be the female DJ's.

This would not be an issue as far as I'm concerned because I judge DJ's on their skill level.  I don't really care about the Gender thing.  If you train your dog to hold a blend and pick out good tunes then I will support him.  I do, however, have issues with the whole female DJ movement.  You see they are not getting gigs as good DJ's.  They are playing up on the gender thing and use it to their advantage until it becomes an issue then they shout "equality."  I don't like that.  I was at a function recently and a female DJ was doing her set.  She is a newcomer but  well known in the industry due to her other activities related to the industry.  I was watching her spin as most DJ's do when at a function of another DJ.  She looked up and started doing this flirty DJ shit that I see most female DJ's do.  At that point my admiration for her skill was somewhat diminished.  I was a fan of her technique and it seemed cheapened by her "Hey look at me!  I'm a sexy female that DJ's!" moment.  Hey lady!  I'm not attracted to you and I did not come here for the Cinemax version of House Music.  What's crazy about it is the more attractive female DJ's seem to not have to learn many skills versus the less attractive ones.  I've met some cold ass female DJ's and have nothing but respect for their skills and I've met some mediocre DJ's who would not get gigs if it wasn't for the fact that they were female.  

I'm also bothered by this "All Female DJ" functions.  I'll look at the roster and say "hey So and So will be there and Such and Such will be too" but then I'll see a bunch of names that I've never seen before and may never see again who are on the bill just because they are females.  That seems as if it would be counterproductive to the DJ's that have real skill if half your roster are train wreck DJ's.  

The world of House Music is judgmental.  Often times you have people that will judge the overall night based on the worst DJ there.  They will say your function sucked because of one fucked up set.  I went to the birthday bash of a legendary DJ and had a ball.  He had legendary performers and DJ's all night with two parties simultaneously pumping the jams but all anybody could talk about was the 5 minutes or so that the power went out on stage.  REALLY?!  That whole night was a great experience and you want to bitch about a glitch.  For some reason House demands perfection.

I really hope that the female DJ's abandon this crusade and just strive to be awesome.  If you are awesome DJ's no one will care if you are female or not.  At least that is how I feel about the whole thing.  Oh, and about that whole not getting paid equally thing?  If you are a headliner the promoters will pay your price to get you.  If you are not getting paid then it is because you are accepting the lower payments and complaining about it later.  You can put a stop to that in the door so if you are not getting what you think you are worth then who's fault is that really?

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

And the horse you rode in on...

So recently there was a minor crisis in the DJ coalition of which I'm a member.  The issue was that a member that was brought in for her talent as a DJ abandoned the group in favor of another group of DJ's.  She said it was a business decision made to advance her career. That was not the entire truth but it was enough for her to leave.  Now stuff like this happens all the time especially when the DJ feels that membership is not conducive to his or her advancement in this field.  This was the general feeling throughout the group.  Oh, well, on to the next thing.  The problem that some of the members had with it was that she dropped out of the group without telling anyone that she was no longer a member.  It was kind of like she was testing out membership in the other group before she made a commitment to leave the first.   Some of you may say big deal but put it in perspective.  This is like dating a new person before you break up with the old person.  When the old person finds out, they want answers.

Now, as far as I'm concerned, I have a different take on the matter.  Her membership came at a time when the group was actively throwing parties.  I mean A LOT of parties.  She was at a lot of these functions and would DJ some of them.  In her eyes she may have believed that if she was a member she would get to DJ more often at the coalition's functions and she would also have the support of the group at her functions.  I know I personally attended a couple of her functions as a member complete with me wearing the group's t-shirt.  I also know that she had the benefit of the vast talents of the group's producers and songwriters in the form of unpublished music.  If the group believed her membership to enhance the group it was definitely a symbiotic relationship.

The funny thing to me is that her leaving came at a time when the group was hibernating for the winter.  Our activities slowed down during the winter months due to the weather and maybe a bit of plain old laziness.  There was also the fact that a new DJ had been put up for membership.  A person she didn't like andshe made that fact known.  When confronted with the issue she stated that this was a business decision.  That means this move was well thought out and , in her mind, justified   She had convinced herself long before she had to justify it to anyone else.  She also had reasoned that it was the right thing to do because "no one had been supporting her functions and  no one in the group put her on to any functions."  I can't say that I showed up to all of her functions but I did make it to a few.  I didn't have any functions of my own so I could not "put her on" with me.  At that point the question was put up that if that was the case when did she offer to put any of her group members on to her functions.  The whole situation was getting to be like a nasty divorce.

The real issue I had with it was that the only reason she joined was to get more parties for herself.  When that didn't happen like she wanted she jumped ship.  Did she do anything to help the group promote more functions?  No.  Did she bring any of our DJ's up when promoting HER functions?  No.  Did she properly promote the group by wearing our gear at her functions?  Not that I saw, no.  Now I don't lend a lot of credence to female DJ's as it is.  I think it's a gimmick at best because most female DJ's are not very skilled as they are playing up to the fact they are females.  The ones that are skilled get my support because I respect the talent.  If you are good then you are good and your gender has nothing to do with that.  If you suck then you suck.  This particular DJ is good and the loss of her talents was not a good thing for the group.  Will the group suffer?  No, not really.  The group has about 20 really good DJ's if not more.  It just leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the guys that stayed despite the fact we were dormant.

The group she joined believing she would prosper there?  That group recently lost half of its members due to internal strife.  That group also seems to focus on  Rap related artists and music.  She is a House DJ.  I understand that she felt it to be a career advancement but if that is true I don't think she researched it very well.  The truth is she left because she didn't feel like she was making the money she wanted.  The other truth is she left because a new member was proposed and she didn't like the guy for some personal reason and she gave an ultimatum:  Him or Me!  She didn't even wait to see if the guy wanted to join or not and then she got an answer for which she didn't bargain.  That's what happens when you put people in a corner and force them to choose.  You force them to choose whether or not you are worth the trouble.

Now those of you that read this may call a foul saying that I'm putting business out in the open.  I named no names but the rumblings of the internet is enough for you to draw a conclusion over the identity of the person.  I'm not trying to make it public but sometimes you have to vent otherwise things like this will eat you up inside.  Yes, I'm bothered by this because I put my support behind this person.  I attended the same amount of her functions in the last year as I did the group as a whole and I've known these guys for nearly 18 years.  I feel as betrayed as the group does and I can't even talk to her directly to ask my questions.  I feel like the kid in the divorce.

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it,...

To be fair I should mention that I have a mission.  My mission has been to restore the DJ scene here in Chicago.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  But the way I see it if we can at least restore a unified front maybe we can raise the pay standard for DJ's here.

The main problem is that we are interchangeable.  You can hire just about any DJ and get the same results.  Unless it is a specialty party you will get the same music from just about every DJ these days.

Speaking of music maybe you should check out my music.
My music on Beatport.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Royalties versus Advances

There is a famous quote stumbling around the internet that "waiting for royalties is like waiting for a baby to be born."  Now, because it's in the internet, no one knows off the top of their head to whom to attribute the quote.

Anyway, this is a big thing in the music business.  As an artist, I would love to be able to release music and get a check.  "Here is your music, Evil Music Empire Machine."  "Thank you, music making peon.  Here are some trinkets."  The truth of it is if you are on a label any money that you are given BEFORE your music is released is a loan.  Nothing more than that.  Your collateral is the future earnings of your release.  Most artists don't know or understand this and spend the money immediately.  In fact, everything you do is a loan with a label.  Your videos, studio time, tour expenses, manager fees, promotional costs are all loans and must be paid by your earnings.  You make money by supporting the album sales and going on tour.  What is crazy is that all these artists think they are making all this money and don't realize that they are running tabs with the label.  When they eventually demand royalty payments the label drops the hammer on them with the bills.

Now as an indie label owner I don't have the cash to loan out money for music that hasn't sold.  I can release the music.  I can publish it.  I can promote the hell out of it but in the end I'm waiting for the royalties and sales just like if I were an artist.  The upside to this is I can release my own music whenever I please.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Just when you think you're done...

So I come from Dialysis and I decide to go to my job at the Tattoo Shop.  I just uploaded my album the previous day or so and now I'm waiting for it to go live.  This process is usually two weeks to a month so I'm getting stir crazy.  I had to go and get my meds for my blood pressure so it was pretty much a full day for me.  When I got home I passed out which is what I normally do after a treatment.  After I regain consciousness I decide to get up and see what progress is being made on my release.  Lo and behold my release has gone live on Beatport.com.  You can see it here.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Keeping up with the Jones's

As a DJ getting the latest drum machine is just like getting the latest "hood rich" car. You will notice every few years people in the hood are driving what has been deemed the "hot car" to have. It used to be big body cars then it was sports cars. These days it runs from 300's to Dodge Chargers and all the players are driving Jags. You will see all the "producers" buying the latest MPC despite having the three previous models and I'm too broke to try to keep up with the Jones's

The other problem is that EVERYBODY's shit is going to sound exactly the same for the next 5 years (or until the next model comes out).

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Donnie Brasco getting a haircut

Recently I passed on an opportunity to someone new in the business.  It was not that I owed this person anything but it was something I felt that would create other opportunities for all involved.  There was also no obligation on her part to take the opportunity but it was offered just the same.  Now I'm not one to make offers lightly and I'm certainly not one to endorse anyone.  It's like that movie "Donnie Brasco" when Pacino asks the guy in the barber's chair to vouch for Johnny Depp.  You just don't do it outright because it's YOUR word that they are taking and not the other guy's word.

With that being said, you have to know me as a person.  I don't do rap.  I don't endorse it.  I don't play it.  I don't listen to it.  I even maintain that there is a distinct difference between Rap and Hip Hop.  So for me to get behind an artist means I believe in that artist or I believe in their work ethic.  I recently put my support behind such an artist who I felt had a great work ethic.  For me that is a big thing but I appreciate someone that is trying to do things right.  So here is the scenario:  One person is producing an internet show that also airs on a local cable network.  I haven't seen the show but people I respect hold her in high regards.  For me that is like the guy in the barber shop vouching. for Depp.  In turn I extended an opportunity based on a mutual interest to the other person who is an artist/songwriter.

Now will the fact that it was declined hurt either party?  Probably not.  Will it hurt me?  That remains to be seen.  What put me off about it was a third party who had minimum involvement chimed in on what should have been a business conversation with a remark that could have been taken as a slight.  OK, ok.  It WAS taken as a slight.  At this level of business no one has the luxury of pissing people off.  I've had to learn that the hard way in my own dealings with the business.  

Now as I type this I am currently in a conversation with each party.  Each person is asking about the other in an almost "who does she think she is" type of fashion.  These two will meet again and each will remember this in their own way and I'm praying it will not negatively impact either one.  I'm just sorry I introduced them.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Frank Ocean sucks (no pun intended), I want a Grammy of my own and the power of the pelvis.

So I was watching the Grammy's last night and I must say that I was appalled by Frank "NO"cean's performance.  WTF, Dude?  This guy won a Grammy and then turned in a performance like that.  Really?

Anyway, I decided to release my album because if this dude can do that then I can perform at the next one.  here is one of the tracks off the album https://soundcloud.com/hse-djs/dj-flint-bang-skeet-dj-flint  Here's what the cover looks like:

This is the first album since my days on Dance Mania Records.  I'd like to thank the members of the Academy and all the little peeps out there.

On a lighter note, you should always approve your photoshoots before you release any photos,  Case in point, Beyonce.  Her Superbowl performance was hailed as "Meh" and "Whatever" at least in MY household.  Afterwards, she apparently wanted to capitalize on the event and publicize her upcoming tour and she rushed he photos to press.  This is the result:

Which resulted in the following:

And my absolute favorite

I am taking bets on how long it will be before Beyonce and Jay Z's lawyers send cease and desist letters to have these images taken down.  The countdown begins in 3, 2, 1.......

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Friday, February 01, 2013

Rap versus R and B

I often hear from older people that they don't make songs like they used to. This is true. Then they talk about how horrid these new songs are. Also true. Then the conversation always ends up on rap. I will tell you why rap is so popular versus old songs. The average person can learn a rap. Not everyone can belt out "Loving You (You're Beautiful)" without busting a blood vessel. The masses love it because it's simple. That's all.

I knew the whole "Rapper's Delight" when I was 10 years old. I had to stop singing Jackson 5 songs when my nuts dropped.

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I hate riding the bus in Chicago

Since I got sick I've not been able to drive so I have to take public transportation most places.  For the most part it's OK but I'll be glad when I can drive again.  Here are somethings that YOU can do to make MY trip a lot more tolerable.

Bus Riding Etiquette:

If you are fat, do not stand in the rear exit path. No amount of squishing will make you skinny enough to get past.

If you are tall, do not sit in the front. No one can get past your long ass legs and you always sit with your knees in the aisle.

If you are loud, STFU. No one can enjoy the ride if you are steady talking about how ratchet Ke Ke is and why she should stop being a bust down.

If you are wide, stop sitting next to other wide people. Find a skinny bitch to sit next to. Even that shit out.

If you have a big ass, try to find a seat. No amount of clinching will allow enough space to get past your asscheeks and you take up the space of two regular adults.

Stop eating sunflower seeds on the bus. That shit is nasty and no one wants to clean up your spit covered discarded shells.

AND, if you ride with your kids try to keep them little bastards still and quiet before someone punts them off the bus. No one likes a kid that keeps kicking them.

Thank you and enjoy riding the CTA.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Passive income

Income.  We all need it to survive.  The problem is what you do for your income.  I live in the Ghetto.  In the Ghetto all businesses have bars and bullet proof glass.  When a business closes for the day there is a procedure it follows to survive to the next day.  Now if you in the front lines of what is known as the POS (Point of Sale) you have many things you do to ensure you can open the next day.  Everything of value has to be put behind a barrier and protected from people that would rather shoplift than support your business.  If you have employees you have to watch them too.  Some businesses like Barber Shops have the added perk of being targets for robbery because they deal strictly in cash.  Then there are the people who try to sell you stuff they've stolen from other businesses.  It's all very sordid.

As a DJ you have several hustles.  There is DJ'ing the party.  This is always a risk because you are bringing thousands of dollars of equipment with you.  Most theft is done in the form of a few records here and there or a cord or two.

Wedding DJ's are worse.  No matter what formula you have for a successful gig, you will always have a drunk relative that feels the need to MC, a demanding bride that gives you a list of music she DOESN'T want to hear and a group of people that will always request music that you wish was never written.  for me that is ANY slide.  I hate weddings.

Getting a residency at a club is better but you still have the other DJ's to worry about.  They WILL steal your music given the chance.  When you work this way you also have to worry about not getting paid.  You are the lowest employee in the club.  The owner will pay the bouncers, bartenders and even the guy that sits in the bathroom before he pays the DJ.  He feels that he can ALWAYS replace a DJ.

Then there is selling mixes.  As a DJ you are trying to sell your best sets.  You figure youput that set together better than anyone else could have and you have fans that feel the same.  Sometimes these same fans bring these CD's to parties with them and try to get the DJ present to play them.  Oh, joy.

If you get good at the party mix you can put those CD's in stores.  It is not easy work and you always have to worry about the idiot that tries to undercut you.  There is ALWAYS an idiot trying to undercut you whether it's at a party or selling your mixes.  Even if you become successful with your mixes and you go to collect your money the owner of the shop will always hit you with the fact that some other idiot is selling his mixes for less and you should do the same (see DJ Apollo for the reference).  The whole life of a DJ is very cutthroat.  Still it's is better than having to clock in for some faceless corporation that feels it should replace you every 6 months.

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Drugs and music

Dallas Police trying to find "Molly"

I love House music.  I love EDM.  I'm not a fan of drugs.  I really wish that the drug dealers would have left the EDM world alone.  The music is my drug.  With that being said, the reason we can't have raves anymore is because someone decided to sell drugs at them.  If it was just about the music then we would have them to this day.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

This one is for Jennifer...

So I was on my Book of the Faces page and I was ranting as usual.  That seems to be what I do most when I'm not outside trying to hobnob with people I don't really want to know.  I made a comment about how I don't miss having to be "work polite"  anymore and a friend of mine from the great state of Tennessee asked me why I do not have a blog.  Well.  I guess I need to start one and rant on that.  Wait.....what?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random post for the ladies.

Ladies. You know when you are talking to a guy and you try to cover your chest because you think we are looking at your tits? The very fact that you try to cover them brings our attention to your tits and makes us look at them.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

When a joke goes nuts...

So I'm on the Book of the Faces and I decide that I am bored and I'm going on a troll spree.  I am immediately called out by a young lady saying that true trolls don't announce that they are going to troll.  The just troll.  Well, being the complete asshole that I am I decide that I'm not going to allow this young lady to call me out so blatantly and that she does not know the meaning of trolling.  She Mz.immediately "like bombs" my profile.  What?!?!  This transgression cannot go unanswered!  Honor demands immediate response!  I decide to hit her in her soft spot.  Nooooooo, not THAT soft spot.  Her love of roller skating.
So I make a fake track and use one of her photos depicting a skate session.  I name the track "Don't break my leg (I can't skate)" and post it on Soundcloud.com announcing that she is my latest new artist.  Well, she loves it and promotes it better than the REAL artists I have on the label!  WTF!  If the guys I have on the label had that type of enthusiasm I would have the hottest label in Chicago!  Anyway, here is the song.  Thanks to Mz. DJ Tone for being a good sport.

P.S. More recently Mz. DJ Tone did a "mashup" that was fairly decent for a newbie.  I contacted her to let her know there was an outlet that would allow her to put the mashup out legally and get her name out there.  her response was "I do it for the love of the game."  I used to do that, too.  That is until I found out that DJing is a very expensive hobby and that if you wanted to do it for any length of time you have to find ways to fund it.  It's almost like having a drug habit.  After a while you have to start pawning shit off to keep doing it.


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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The problem with free shit...

So when I came back to Chicago I had a little problem.  I had to leave a significant amount of my music in order to move.  It was something I had no control over.

When I got back I had a  lot of resources due to my position within the House community.  I was not expecting that but why look a gift horse in  the mouth?  Therein lies the rub.  I got like 10,000 songs but most of them are mislabeled.  I don't really know what I have.  Do you know how long it takes to listen to 10,000 songs and correctly name them?  I do.

I was finally able to make a song list for this mix.  It's a good mix and you can get it here.

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