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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bad Marketing

So I'm at the Blok Bizness Meet and Greet and Power 92 has a table set up there.  On said table is some "movie swag" (that's an industry term and not that bullshit Lil' Wayne says) including hats and shirts from recent movies.  Now mind you this is mostly a Rap event and besides the DJ's there are mostly rappers.  One of the items on the table is from the movie "Snitch" which simply said "snitch" on the hat.  Whomever thought that to be a good thing to put on a hat and give away should be fired.  No one is going to wear that hat.  Even kids in third world countries where they give away the shirts of the losing Superbowl team will not wear these caps (they print up both teams as champs so they have them ready for the outcome).

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