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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Adventures of a guy with no car....

So I'm on the train and I'm minding my own business. This guy gets on the train.  He's about 320 and has his S-curl pulled back into a ponytail.   You know the type.  He starts singing like he is the lost  Isley Brother.  So I'm giving him the stink eye for fucking up my calm and another guy gets on the train and starts going nuts talking to himself like a Looney Tune exploded in his head just at that very moment.  To top off my day I end up at my destination and I'm standing in line for checkout.  There is a couple behind me that apparently like the smell of my soap and want me to smell their's,  The guy is speaking VERY loudly in my ear in what I believe to be the Cantonese dialect and is very pleased with himself and the joke he just told.  I wanted to punch him in the throat for standing so closely to me but his girlfriend looked as though she may have been tough.  I had too many bags for a spontaneous Kung Fu fight.  I need a car.

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