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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Who's your daddy?

As I shake the dust and cobwebs from my brain and begin my journey ("don't stop be-lievin'......Hold on to that fee-a-ee-a-a-lin'") back to the core of my being, I begin to remember that I am a semi-talented artist and start putting ideas together. I see a picture of Darth Vader (duh duh duh dum de duh dum de duh)on a black t-shirt staring down upon the viewer menacingly saying "Who's your daddy?" and hear the voice of James Earl Jones thunder through the ether. Then I realize that George Lucas is staring at me from his satellite and begin to feel the burn of the Deathstar's planet killing ray as it fries what is left of my brain stem. I then think that maybe it's time for me to come up with something more original....

Friday, October 28, 2005

"You are not alone"

I chuckle every time I hear Eminem say "nobody listens to techno" in his attack on Moby in a not so recent song. Truthfully, I am a fan of Eminem's. I like his music and sometimes I like what he is saying. I don't live my life according to Eminem but you will find his CD's in my collection. The problem with being a music lover is that not everyone loves the music you love. I consider myself a music lover and I will listen to any music and try to give it a chance. My collection is eclectic and includes everything from hard rock to disco. So when one of the artists I have in my collection says that the music I like is irrelevant I want to re-evaluate my collection. Hmmm. Nah, I still like Eminem. Now what is really funny about this is how many techno tracks with his words looped into them have come out since then. You won't find them in wale-Mart or Best Buy but your local music sharing community **ahem** might overflow with examples.

I DJ house, disco , reggae, r&b and rap. I listen to classical, rock, rap, house, disco, world and I will admit to some pop. I play three instruments and read sheet music. I produce dance, rap and reggae music. music that was considered rock back in the seventies would be light pop now. They say disco is dead. Tell that to Madonna (Esther) and Cher whose entire careers have been wrapped around dance music. Rap's first recorded radio friendly hit was by the Sugarhill Gang who sampled, no, lifted the entire baseline from Chic's "Good Times", a disco hit a few years earlier. P Diddy recently made a song with a restructured sampling of "Kashmir" by rock legends Led Zepplin. The song in which Eminem dissed Moby was a dance oriented song which could be considered disco in an open-minded conversation about music.

My point is that no one should diss anyone who has the balls to express themselves. Self expression is a right of life. Live life and love it. Many people out there in the world are not as fortunate to even have a music collection or go to concerts to hear their favorite artist. Some people cannot even hear. These people still have music in their hearts. Now before all of you internet vigilantes pick up your keyboards in rage and start a campaign against me the comments you see here is just a personal opinion. We all have them. That is for certain. I also know that all house music has fans. I have fans. There are sites dedicated to house. Every party I do or go attend is filled with people like me that loves the music. I'm more partial to ghetto house, drum and bass and disco but it's all good to me and I am not alone in this. If I was then I would be the only one at the party. House and Dance music lovers of the world, do not hide your love of the music. Just because it is popular to be a fan of Rap and Pop means just that. It's popular to like it. The same artists you love listen to more than what they sing or perform. You should try it, too.


Be vewy, vewy qwiet. I'm hunting house twacks. hehehehehehehehehehe. Now I am compiling tracks for the start of Halsted Street Records coming to a store near you!!

Also, don't be surprised when you see my tracks as downloadable mp3's in the near future....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bang the box....

Well, I went to the NDA meeting and I actually ran into a good business opportunity. I'm keeping it on the hush for right now until I sign the deal but it will be big. That girl I was hoping would be there was not this time. It's kind of good, too. It would be awkward to walk up to someone and ask "Hey, are you a lesbian or would you like to go out?" I don't know what other way you could do that so it is best that I don't put my foot into my mouth in public.

I talked to DJ Deeon today and we were marveling over the state of the Chicago Ghetto House movement as it spreads worldwide. A lot of things are going to change in the coming year and you will be the first to hear about it. Deeon, or Debo as his friends call him, is one of the founders of the movement if not THE founder. He's known around the world and it kind of humbles you to know people like that. It makes you put things into perspective.

Oh, by the way. GO SOX! SOUTHSIDE! The best thing in the world is for everyone to know where you are from and then your team starts to kick tail in a championship. Now, I'm not your typical fair weather fan. I may not know all the rosters or the history of the teams but ANY Chicago team that gets a chance to wreck shop will have my support. Hell, if the Blackhawks start winning I will root for them.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Over the river and through the woods.....

Tonight is the big NDA meeting. NDA is the National DJ Alliance (which is kind of regional right now but my presence makes a show for the North) and record pool. We listen to new releases and give our comments. Think "wine tasting" for music in the ghetto. Well, Nashville is a long way from "ghetto" but it's not exactly "Beverly Hills" either. There is this one girl who I believe to be a rapper or DJ that is always there with her crew. I am highly attracted to her but she dresses like a girl that is only interested in girls would. Not that there is anything wrong with that. One of my fondest memories concerns a bi girl I hooked up with once. Let's just say I don't mind sharing if the other person is a woman who doesn't like guys. **wink** Let's see if she is at this meeting....

Monday, September 19, 2005

Wandering through the universe

Well, here we go. I am using this blog site to post crap that I think of on a daily basis. Although my posts on my site will still continue, I think this will be a change of pace. As we go along I will add posts and pictures whenever I get a chance. I am awaiting release of my latest single. It will be on my buddies label "Public Housing" entitled "I Bust It". More later.......