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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Who's your daddy?

As I shake the dust and cobwebs from my brain and begin my journey ("don't stop be-lievin'......Hold on to that fee-a-ee-a-a-lin'") back to the core of my being, I begin to remember that I am a semi-talented artist and start putting ideas together. I see a picture of Darth Vader (duh duh duh dum de duh dum de duh)on a black t-shirt staring down upon the viewer menacingly saying "Who's your daddy?" and hear the voice of James Earl Jones thunder through the ether. Then I realize that George Lucas is staring at me from his satellite and begin to feel the burn of the Deathstar's planet killing ray as it fries what is left of my brain stem. I then think that maybe it's time for me to come up with something more original....

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