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Monday, June 24, 2013

The attack on DJ Nate

Recently someone uploaded a video of a young DJ named DJ Nate getting beat up and robbed. In the few days it has been up it has gone viral on Facebook and is now on WorldStarHipHop.com and Youtube trending there as well. I've noticed this video being played in public where ever I go and even my niece was watching it this morning. I've also noticed a metric ton of people having something to say about it, both in Nate's favor and against him saying how"weak" he is. The truth of it is that not only was Nate attacked but he was ambushed. He knew his attacker because the guy is related to one of the artists Nate has worked with in the past.
Here's my take on the DJ Nate thing: He has no real friends and is out there alone. The guys that were filming are not his friends but are "hanger on's" that know him simply because he is a low level celebrity. Personally, I take this as an attack on the DJ culture as well as if he attacked me. This is why celebrities have to divorce themselves from "the hood" once they make it because the snakes are out there from the first dollar you made and didn't give them 50 cents of it. Those of us that know Nate know that he is not a thug in the least and would not have been able to fight off this type of attack.

DJ Nate, I don't know you personally or professionally but I support you simply because this could have been me being attacked just as it could have been any other DJ from Chicago or any other city.

I normally don't support videos showing people being attacked but this thing has gone viral and is everywhere.

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