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Monday, January 21, 2013

When a joke goes nuts...

So I'm on the Book of the Faces and I decide that I am bored and I'm going on a troll spree.  I am immediately called out by a young lady saying that true trolls don't announce that they are going to troll.  The just troll.  Well, being the complete asshole that I am I decide that I'm not going to allow this young lady to call me out so blatantly and that she does not know the meaning of trolling.  She Mz.immediately "like bombs" my profile.  What?!?!  This transgression cannot go unanswered!  Honor demands immediate response!  I decide to hit her in her soft spot.  Nooooooo, not THAT soft spot.  Her love of roller skating.
So I make a fake track and use one of her photos depicting a skate session.  I name the track "Don't break my leg (I can't skate)" and post it on Soundcloud.com announcing that she is my latest new artist.  Well, she loves it and promotes it better than the REAL artists I have on the label!  WTF!  If the guys I have on the label had that type of enthusiasm I would have the hottest label in Chicago!  Anyway, here is the song.  Thanks to Mz. DJ Tone for being a good sport.

P.S. More recently Mz. DJ Tone did a "mashup" that was fairly decent for a newbie.  I contacted her to let her know there was an outlet that would allow her to put the mashup out legally and get her name out there.  her response was "I do it for the love of the game."  I used to do that, too.  That is until I found out that DJing is a very expensive hobby and that if you wanted to do it for any length of time you have to find ways to fund it.  It's almost like having a drug habit.  After a while you have to start pawning shit off to keep doing it.


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