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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Donnie Brasco getting a haircut

Recently I passed on an opportunity to someone new in the business.  It was not that I owed this person anything but it was something I felt that would create other opportunities for all involved.  There was also no obligation on her part to take the opportunity but it was offered just the same.  Now I'm not one to make offers lightly and I'm certainly not one to endorse anyone.  It's like that movie "Donnie Brasco" when Pacino asks the guy in the barber's chair to vouch for Johnny Depp.  You just don't do it outright because it's YOUR word that they are taking and not the other guy's word.

With that being said, you have to know me as a person.  I don't do rap.  I don't endorse it.  I don't play it.  I don't listen to it.  I even maintain that there is a distinct difference between Rap and Hip Hop.  So for me to get behind an artist means I believe in that artist or I believe in their work ethic.  I recently put my support behind such an artist who I felt had a great work ethic.  For me that is a big thing but I appreciate someone that is trying to do things right.  So here is the scenario:  One person is producing an internet show that also airs on a local cable network.  I haven't seen the show but people I respect hold her in high regards.  For me that is like the guy in the barber shop vouching. for Depp.  In turn I extended an opportunity based on a mutual interest to the other person who is an artist/songwriter.

Now will the fact that it was declined hurt either party?  Probably not.  Will it hurt me?  That remains to be seen.  What put me off about it was a third party who had minimum involvement chimed in on what should have been a business conversation with a remark that could have been taken as a slight.  OK, ok.  It WAS taken as a slight.  At this level of business no one has the luxury of pissing people off.  I've had to learn that the hard way in my own dealings with the business.  

Now as I type this I am currently in a conversation with each party.  Each person is asking about the other in an almost "who does she think she is" type of fashion.  These two will meet again and each will remember this in their own way and I'm praying it will not negatively impact either one.  I'm just sorry I introduced them.

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