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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Stop the violence.

Chicago is a messed up city for music.  The Rap scene is full of Youtube rappers that think they will be the next Chief Keef and get a huge deal off one catchy song and fans that can't keep from shooting each other.  no one can have a party in Chicago without someone messing it up if Rap music is played.

The House music scene is clicked up and the conflict is not with the fans but the DJ's themselves.  This guy can't play with that guy because the other guy doesn't like him.  Just the other day I heard about two well established DJ's and life long friends getting into a fight at the club.  I will say that one of the DJ's in question has had his ass on his shoulders for some years now but that is not a reason for fisticuffs.  There is even a guy in the business that makes it his business to pick a fight with a DJ every other week.  I think he is starved for attention.

I just want to do music. That is all.  I don't want to worry about who said what to whom.  I want to make a nice ass track that you hear as the club and I want to hear that random girl in the crowd that squeals and says "That my jam!"  None of us are superstars and we need to remember that.

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