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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Juba and the Ooogabooga

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When it comes to supporting stuff I'm usually on the fringe of the ordeal as people tend to think they know what you are all about based on what they see you do. With that said a buddy of mine from my college days has reached out from the vastness of cyberspace for support and I have seen his beacon.

His name is Juba Kalamka and he has a message he wants you to hear but he needs your assistance. The link above will tell you more as I lack the communication skills to describe it properly. G Phi F, bruh.

1 comment:

Juba Kalamka said...

Thanks bro...much appreciated.

Bakeus Mi Cakeus
Gimmi Munni
Gottus Haveus Automobilus

Long live Gopha Phi Flunki!
Ef! Ef Ef!