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Monday, July 23, 2012

How many songs can YOU name?

So I'm making this mix for an upcoming Free House music picnic hosted by the GETO DJz, Inc. and I'm making a playlist for the vendor table.  I get mostly through it and there is this song that I know but I've never known the title of the song or the artist.  I start to realize that it's like the for most of the songs that I play that are either mislabeled or a simple name has been placed on the file.  You see, the original DJ world was always steeped in mystery with most DJ's keeping their prized possessions, their music collection, private and secluded from prying eyes so that they would have the best collection.  Many times if you found a rare gem of a track you would black out the label so that other DJ's wouldn't know that name of the track.  In my case I had tons of music I inherited from other DJ's and another ton of music that was white labels.  (White Labels are promo copies of music that is soon to be released but had a preliminary promotional release with a simple white label and no cover art.)  I began to realize that the general public has this issue as well as I remembered one of my favorite songs in High School being The Who's "Baba O'Riley" which no one knew that was the title because we always called it "Teenaged Wasteland" over the years.  So the challenge is whether you can name all your favorite songs or not.  While you do that listen to my mix.

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