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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finding out New Old things...

Here's the thing:  Just when you think you know everything you find out you don't know squat.  I was talking to DJ Clent about his release on my label Halsted Street Entertainment and we were going over our marketing plan.  Now being the smartass that I am I figure that I know all the places to send information and that I have it handled.  Out of the blue Clent asks if I know about www.residentadvisor.net and I have to say I had never, ever heard of it.  The more I think I know the more I don't.

So I finally go to the site to check out this lead.  All of the DJ's I respect have listings there already so I decide to list my label.  Well to list a label you have to have a DJ that is known to have recorded for that label.  But then you need to list recordings by that DJ.  Then you need to tote that and lift this.  It was crazy and I spent 4 hours just trying to list HSE.  After I was done I had to list myself and another guy just to get to the page that allowed me to list the label.  Then when I found Clent's page for his DJ chart I see three of the songs on the album already listed.  WTF, Chuck!?! Man, this crap is crazy.

Here is a taste of two of the songs on that release.  I spliced in a short interview Clent did about how he got started between the two songs.

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