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Friday, May 25, 2012

New music with an old feel...

So in the wake of my song "I Bust It" going live on Beatport, I decided to put out some more music.  As quiet as it is kept I uploaded my remix of Chris Brown's "Beautiful People" which I'm told has been making the rounds in the clubs in Chicago.   I also put out a few tracks that were nagging me which I will compile into a big album's worth of tracks soon.

Is there still room for Ghettotech in the world?  I hear I'm popular in England so we will see.

In other news I recently completed a new Juke mix with DJ Fulltono of Osaka, Japan.  It's called "Superjuke" and it can be streamed from the previous link.  I don't do Juke very often but when I do I do it to death.  Special thanks to DJ Fulltono for his help with this and his mixing skills.  I gained quite a few new fans due to this.  Maybe I should have called it "Halsted Street Entertainment Volume 5."  Maybe I'll save that for later.

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