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Friday, April 04, 2014

House music loses a legend

Recently House music legend Frankie Knuckles passed away.  I did not know the man personally but his influence and loss has been felt throughout the industry.  What is really crazy is that, with his death, all types of people are trying to throw parties in his name.  Now don't get my wrong.  I'm all for a good party but it seems more opportunistic than honoring this man to me and I'm not the only person that thinks this way.  Facebook has been all ablaze with opinions debating all positions of this issue.  Some are for it and some against.  The only valid point in my opinion is why not have just one party where all the people can come together as one.   Why is this not the only solution?  Because it is not about honoring this man's memory, the movement and culture at all.  It's an opportunity by a few individuals to make money off the death of a person that  they may or may not have even known personally.  So how did they come to this decision?  Was it like "Hey did you hear that Frankie Knuckles died?  Let's throw a party in his honor!"?  I find it very strange that so many parties have popped up all of a sudden.  One person even went as far as invoking the name of another House legend to honor as well in the form of a Frankie Knuckles/Ron Hardy tribute.  Well here is the thing with me.  If you want to truly have this celebration then make it free to the public.  If you are truly broken up about his death then come out of your pocket for this tribute.  If that task is too overwhelming get with the other people throwing their parties and split the bill, hold just one party in one spot and let's all come together as a whole and celebrate this man's life's work without trying to make a profit off his demise.  I will probably take a lot of flack off this but that is just my opinion on the matter.

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