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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

DJ Flint vs DJ Flint vs DJ Flint vs DJ Flint

I like to give all sides of conflicts so that people can make their own judgements based on all the facts.  I received this message from who I assume is this kid's father or relative.  If he is not then he is playing Devil's Advocate.  The following is a direct copy of his post:

" Really? Where's the trademark that says you own ALL rights to the FAKE Name? IF you were any professional of any kind, you would not even DARE think of even saying you were going to fight anyone, let alone a 12 year old boy, who lives clear across the USA. Real Classy buddy... If you did any research (which I'm sure you didn't) you would Know that the name "Flint" is the real middle name of the young man you wanna "fight", so this IS in fact his REAL Name he is using, UNLIKE yourself. People like YOU give Hard working, High end DJ's of any kind, (Mobile,Club,Cruise line, or ballroom) a bad reputation for your low life actions, childish remarks, lack of professionalism! Go Back in the hole you crawled out of, because you WILL NOT Win this battle!!!"

Let me clarify something here.  Our community is a tight knit one and I would have felt the same way if someone had said they are RP BU, Traxman, Waxmaster or DJ Funk which are all "made up names" that these people have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making their own.  If I saw a young man saying he was any of those guys the first thing out of MY mouth would have been "No, you are not."  I do not discourage this young man from joining our ranks.  In fact, I applaud his efforts because Lord knows we have too many so called DJ's that are not true to the craft like Paris Hilton, to name one of many, and if he were near me I would lend him all of my support in the fashion of a mentor .  I had to learn it on my own.  And as for the name?  It was given to me and is a memento of my service in the Army so it is dear to me.  I don't mean any harm but I have been called this for the last 27 years so I have grown attached to it.  The reason I may have come off as hostile is because there is a guy in India calling himself DJ Flint and he is trying to record under that name and I felt it as another attack on my livelihood.

This all started about 14 years back when I heard of someone saying that he was DJ Flint.  It wasn't a big thing to me until I heard that he was showing people my 1996 release on Dance Mania Records sand saying that he was the one that put that out.  Oh, really?  Now it's a problem.  I can't stop someone from saying they are "DJ anything" but the guy was saying he was me.  Ever since then I have had my eye out for such shenanigans.  This new kid had just got caught in a crossfire not intended to discourage his ambition.  I hope he does well but I don't want the backlash of when he starts running into people who either know me or know of me to come his way.  I am known around the world, although I may not be a household name.  Yet.

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