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Friday, September 26, 2014

And now this...

So I was on Facebook, checking out my crew from the GETO DJ'z, Inc., and I see one of my guys posting about how his logo is on its way.  One of the other guys starts poking fun at him and then a third.    Suddenly it becomes a pissing contest with everyone posting logos.  I decide to join in but I'm lazy so I Google my name to get some of my old logos.  Suddenly, I see DJFlint.com pop up.  What is this?  I had never seen this before so I check it out.  "Oh," I say to myself, "it's just a little boy who is trying to be a DJ."  At first I don't have a problem with it until I see his blog page address is "http://flintandsteal.blogspot.com."  Really, young sir?  You are going to "Flint and Steal?"  Now I have an issue with this.  I'll fill you guys in on how this turns out.

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