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Monday, August 11, 2014

Everyone is not supposed to get it

The age old question of "Play what the people want VS Play new shit" has reared it's ugly head once again. Of course everyone was going to jump on the "play what the people want" bandwagon because they believe in the old adage "the customer is always right.' I submit to you that every successful company out there today exists because they went against the grain. Nobody was making fast burgers when McDonalds started doing it. Nobody was making rubber toed running shoes when NIKE started doing it Nobody was making custom coffees when Starbucks started doing it. Nobody was making custom flavors when Ben and Jerry's started doing it. You get the picture. Sure there are successful companies that stay with the status quo but they will always be just successful enough to get by. Many of those companies shut down every year while others pop up to replace the ones that shut down the previous year.

There are two types of patrons: The ones that frequent clubs that play what they want to hear and the ones that go to hear what the DJ is going to do that night. The latter being the ones that are true fans of that DJ. The former don't care who the DJ is just as long as they hear what they want. I'd rather be the DJ they come to see because I'M playing.

Also, at some point in the history of your "favorite song" that song was new and never heard before. Someone had to have the balls to play it the first time so that it could become your "favorite song.'
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