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Monday, August 11, 2014

Slaves to a system

I recently ran into a new artist trying to hawk her wares. I wasn't interested myself but one of my peers took an interest and volunteered the resources of those present so I went along with it. In taking up that cause he provided some information that would make her ascension to the top of the charts proper if not easy. The problem was that the information she was receiving was contrary to the information she had either received or gathered from bad sources and she was hesitant. That seems to be the problem with all starters in this business. Sometimes we get the "if you know so much why aren't YOU rich?" question from people. The answer to that is simple: We know the how. We choose to do it without the backing of the industry so it will take longer to reach our goals. When you see those artists who get signed to those big deals they are financial slaves to a system. When an artist gets an "advance" the system tells you up front what it is but you don't recognize the language. An "advance" is exactly what it sounds like, a loan. "I am advancing you money I think you will make my label." It may take you 4 years to make that back so when you ask for a "royalty" be prepared to discover exactly how much money you owe to the label. Get your minds right about this business and quit signing your lives away for fame and glory. Learn the craft and you will learn the rules.

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