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Friday, January 29, 2010


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Now before any of you send me ugly emails regarding the title of this entry read the whole thing. The evolution I am writing about is of the love of music. Almost everyone on the planet loves music in some form. There is only a small portion of the population who find music unappealing.

Every DJ can trace their evolution into a DJ from their love of music. If you were to survey any DJ you know he would say that it was their love of music that inspired them to become a DJ. For most of them being the guy that plays the music that makes people dance is enough.

For me it was different. My love for the music was my inspiration to become a DJ. The rush you get when people are caught up into the mood is like no other drug you can take. The problem was when I realized that being a DJ is expensive. If I was to continue as a DJ I would need to make money doing it. I then realized that I was one out of thousands and we all had the same music sources. Some of us had hard to find remixes and they were the ones that stood out and commanded the highest fees. If I wanted to make money I had to get away from the pack.

Enter producing my own songs. It became the logical next step if I wanted to make a living at something I loved. Ask any producer and he/she will likely tell you how they started as a DJ. Now remember how I stated that you get a high while DJing. It's like mass hypnosis and you are the leader. Well you get a different high when you enter a party and the DJ plays your track and the crowd goes wild. The problem is the type of high. While DJing you get a smooth mellow high that lasts the evening and into the next day. The high you get when your music is played is fast, hard and fleeting. It leaves you wanting another hit. You become an addict and you have to get more. And the sad part is there is no detoxt for this type of high.

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