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Friday, January 15, 2010

Been a long time....

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Well how do I start?  After a long absence from the music scene I get a message from my partner, DJ OpM of Halsted Street  Entertainment.  He tells me that our small two man crew which has seen plenty of people come and go including the other two founders and the crew that made our names is now populated with people I don't even know.  All of a sudden I have people promoting the name of HSE all over the USA.  The only problem being that I don't have direct access to these hew DJs and anything that I want to do has to go through my buddy and is left up to him if the messages will be communicated.  Should I abandon the project that I've given nearly 15 years and start over or do I come back not unlike the King of Stormwind and take over things sight unseen?

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