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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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So I'm checking my Twitter account to see what nonsense Diddy has said today and I see that Beatportal (a side project for Beatport) has a new remix contest and I'm thinking "Great! Here's an opportunity to flex my skills!" I'm searching the rules to see what I can win and what is being offered. The first part is some piece of equipment that I'm sure I can use that I've never heard of and a $200 gift card to Beatport which would come in handy for my next 5 mixes. The winning remix also gets released by the label which means possible future remix work that will also fame within the industry. I then check the article for the song sample to see how it sounds and what I have to work with. I don't notice a link but what I DO notice is that, in order to enter the contest, I would be required to download the parts of the song I need for the remix and PAY for it at $3.99. Way to go, Beatportal!

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